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>> Recruitment Notice:2017

>> Notice Inviting Tender: 2017

 1. General Department :
One Head Clerk heads this department. Major functions carried out under his supervision are arrangement of meetings, delivery of notices, circulars, office orders and other relevant documents & other official work.
The Receiving and Dispatch Section is also attached with the General department. One Lower Division Clerk (LDC) is functioning there on regular basis. Establishment section is also attached with general department; major tasks include preparation of the salary bill, pension file, maintenance of service book, up keeping of records of deceased employees, PF ledger and others. It also functions like a personnel department but without having any recruitment power. It maintains a constant liaison with the Directorate of Local Bodies (DLB) to carry out Government Orders, circulars etc. issued from time to time. A constant touch is being maintained with the Sub-Divisional Treasury in all related matters.  Store is also a part of this department. One Storekeeper heads this department. A standardized list of rates of all necessary items, except construction materials, under a few broad heads like stationery and printing, water supply, vehicles, conservancy, electric equipments, computer and others is prepared in the beginning of every year through market survey and related sources as available.
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