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  Welcome to our Haldibari Municipality
Haldibari municipality is situated in the western side of Cooch Behar District and in located in 26.330 North & 88.770 East. Haldibari Town is the blocks headquarter of Haldibari block under Mekhliganj Sub-Division of Coochbehar District.

The annals of Haldibari depicts that formerly it was a land mark of ancient civilization and trade center. The Teesta River and its direction have settled the prosperity of trade, commerce, transport and finally the geographical location of Haldibari town.

Haldibari town Committee established in the year 1898 was upgraded in the status of Municipality on 26th Nov.,1984 and now known as Haldibari Municipality. The Haldibari town have the villages Kachua Boalmari and some parts of Kharija Barubari of Jalpaiguri district in its northern side, some parts of Kharija Barubari, Daksin Barubari in western side and the areas of its entire southern part belongs to border of Bangladesh and its eastern part consists of area of Rangpur district of Bangladesh.

Haldibari Rly. Station was built in the year 1876 and it was said to be the first Railway Station in North-East India and was under the jurisdiction of Northern Bengal state railway. It was presumed that the expansion of railway link from Kolkata to Haldibari was made to promote export of jute, tea and tobacco from North Bengal and Assam in ater years. Partition of Bengal resulted major changes in railway of Haldibari as the border areas of the Bangladesh were situated in between Haldibari and Chilahati station. Development of railway link from Haldibari to Kolkata was made by phases in subsequent years. Finally direct railway link between Kolkata and Haldibari was established via New Jalpaiguri in the year 1982 .
Haldibari Municipality encompasses a population of 13,185 in the last National Census.  Basic demographic characteristics reveal a literacy rate of 74.2 Percent overall.  Male literacy stands at 80.6 percent while female literacy is 67.7 percent. The population is organized in 2866 Households with average household size being 5. The overall sex ratio stands at 968 Females to every 1,000 Males.
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